There is more to DJ Kaydee than just meets the eye: He’s an entertainer who loves to DJ for a rainbow of people, a promoter, a club/private party DJ and also Co – Club Owner (Club Visions and Moto in Colorado).

Spinning High Quality Beats in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, LA, Denver, and other hot venues on the nightlife scene, Kaydee has successfully captivated club goers and corporate clients nationwide.

He’s a D.J. Veteran and his knowledge in this industry spans far and wide. A well established Disc Jockey with a varied pallet including Hip Hop, Reggae, Neo-Soul, Oldies, R&B, House…… and – based on his Kenyan roots – (a variety of African Genres for his African Clientele). Kaydee has a high energy mix that echoes the soundtrack of his generation. His open format style and ear for mixing eclectic sounds is an unstoppable combination that keeps his crowd of 450 – 800+ pple dancing all night long and leaves them yearning for more even after the club lights spring up. {…..Last Call Party pple}

Also known as the ‘entertainment guru’ Deejay Kaydee makes your outing look good and enjoyable (because he takes charge of all your music and hospitality requirements). He’s a crowd mover and amazing too when it comes to reading his dance floor and knowing what track to play when. With the great positive attitude he maintains at all times and an energizing personality to match it, that hypes up a room full of VIP’s, Celebrities, Exclusive guests and fans never goes unnoticed.

His Career began back in 1994 in Denver, where he used to spin at lounges, pubs and private parties in basements as a hobby. After attaining extensive hands -on-training from DJ FREEZE (a veteran dj who went back to the Military and later became a preacher), Kaydee quickly stood out from other local DJ’s by displaying turntable dexterity and developing repertoire of ear catching tunes that his name suddenly began ringing bells in the city as ‘THE upcoming DJ to pay attention to’. The bells rang loud enough to catch the attention of local promoter and most popular DJ in town then, MIXMASTER MIKE (R.I.P.) who took Kaydee under his wing and began contracting him out to the multiple clubs he DJ’d at. This was a big eye opener for Kaydee the “student”.

While interning for mentor MIXMASTER MIKE, he learned the importance of being humble, unique and creating his own style. He recalls one time when Mike advised him to maintain his energy level, creativity and outstanding work ethics as this would take him places. 

And Yes…………..it did!

However, a major setback came when he had to relocate for work to AZ – This meant rebuilding clientele, a fan base and acquiring gigs. Ouch…..this was like starting all over again from ground zero. It didn’t take him long though to build back trust and confidence in the new city. Teaming up with major promoters (Upscale Entertainment and Status Black Enterprise), he soon acquired permanent gigs at Clubs Next, OT’s, E4….. and Myst where he occasionally earned Guest DJ spots under the invitation of HYB and Liquid Entertainment. All the above mentioned venues were the To-Go-To joints at the moment.

Currently as resident DJ at Clubs , PHX, DISCO (Scottsdale) and JACKRABBIT in Arizona – Kaydee’s unique sounds has kept him in demand by some of the world’s premier nightclubs and promoters across the nation including Eugene Thompson Presents and the famed Doobie Boyz Entertainment. Apparently with the current tough economy that has hit many industries, he is one of the few djs spinning more than 3 nights a week…..not to mention the frequent out of state gigs that have him on the road atleast every other week. He is also known for releasing a FREE Promo Mix CD atleast once a year hence creating the demand for his mixtapes which run out on the day of the release. Sometimes he is forced to reproduce more mix Cds to cater for the demanding fan base.

Fourteen years later, Kaydee’s resume’ includes large scale corporate events such as Super Bowl Bashes, Rugby 7s and NBA All Star Weekend Events, just to mention a few. 
……and a trademark name “DJ KAYDEE” which he owns full rights to both in the States and overseas.

He is currently a Co-founder and a principal of Certified Party Rockers (CPR) based out of Las Vegas. As an entrepreneur he has built successful businesses from scratch. Some of these ventures include a high end clothing boutique – Studio 15 Scottsdale and an Investment firm that specializes in Real Estate and corporate housing/ Vacation Rentals. He is also the principal of Kaydee Productions – a firm that specializes in corporate events and event planning in the mid west. His recent endeavour is a Dj academy based in Scottsdale  www.scottsdaledjacademy.com that is focused on training individuals who are passionate about becoming djs. 

He has spun alongside national disc jockeys to include Djs Jazzy Jeff, Jaycee, AM, LS One, Biz Markie, Pete Rock, Drama, Suss One, Mark Da Spot, Kid Capri, Green Lantern, K-Tone, Sabotage (Sirius Radio), and a host of others. The number of celebrity concert After- Parties he has hosted are countless and still keep adding. This after parties include, Wu Tang, Mario, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Ray J, Jamie Foxx, J. Cole, Cali Swag District, Lyfe Jennings and Amerie…. just to mention a few.

Kaydee’s extensive experience and unbridled passion for music has established him as a force to reckon with in the competitive DJing industry.

His favourite D.J. gear:

Turntables: Techniques SL1210 M5G

Mixer: Rane TTM 57SL

Needles : Shure 44-7

Headphones: Sony MDR V-600

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